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Wake Schools Formalizes Policy on Book Challenges, Appeals...

A story originally published online at NC Newsline states Wake County Public Schools formalized how people can challenge books and instructional materials that they find inappropriate or offensive.

“Books help shape kids, too,” Joyce, a librarian of 20 years, said at Tuesday’s school board meeting. “They open up windows to see the world and offer mirrors of the kids reflected, and doors for them to join new possibilities".

Are the doors Joyce advocates for opening leading to the sexualization of our children and introducing them to concepts they are not intellectually and emotionally mature enough to process? Are books such as Jack of Hearts and Other Parts by LC Rosen, Looking for Alaska by John Greene, or Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher inspiring despair in children? With depression among young people so high, why would anyone want to a child to read or have read to them a book that could instill a sense of hopelessness , gender confusion, or even suicide?


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