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Person County

The lists of books show locations in Person County Schools.  These books have sexually inappropriate or confusing gender concepts or content, some including self harm, suicide, violence, and/or racism. No data base is available to determine whether or not classrooms may contain these books. Therefore, we encourage citizens to ask teachers and administrators if these books are present or being used for instruction of any kind.

Some Ebooks appear in the online card catalog. Some districts allow students to sign up to read ebooks using Sora or Libby, as well as other online ebook providers using their school ID. PEP does not know or have access to find out if any safeguards are in place to protect children from reading or seeing graphic material that is inappropriate for their age or grade level. Ask your school administrators if your child's school is providing access to ebooks.  

We do our best to keep the lists up to date. If you see a change that needs to be made, please contact us.

The Content Based Rating System was inspired by  the widely accepted MPA rating system. This rating system is meant to be a quick guide for busy parents who want to know what objectionable material is found between a book's covers. While it is a great tool, it does not meet the standards needed for schools to use for evaluating materials for student use.


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