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Our books have been read, reviewed, and are available in school media centers and

libraries in North Carolina. They may also be available in classroom libraries or as digital media.

  • We believe parents have a right to know what is in their child's school.

  • We believe many books are inappropriate, sexually explicit, promote ideologies, and should not be available to children for group or independent reading in a public school without parental knowledge and consent. Some books are not develpmentally appropriate in their current locations.

  • Check out the galleries to help you form your opinion.

  • Please note Rated Books provides a method for examining books that have been evaluated using a rubric similar to the movie industry. Parents and guardians will find it helpful when determining if a book is appropriate for their child or children by not just looking at the score, but reading through excerpts.  

  • We ask you to TAKE ACTION! Check out the take action page and contact us.

High books stack isolated on white backg

PEP Book Search List
Includes Sexually Inappropriate and Harmful to Minors Books.

PEP Gender Ideology
Picture Book List
for Elementary Schools.


Book banning is the removal of books due to the personal objection of the content. It does not take into account the age and maturity of the reader. Book restriction implies a process is in place and used to distinguish between those who can access the book and those that can't. Schools and school libraries are not set up to house and manage such materials. Nor should tax dollars and resources be spent for such causes.

The controversial text and/or graphics from the books listed as most banned, can be seen through the rated books link. We would agree that the books shown have inappropriate material for minors and should not be available in schools. Authors still have the freedom to write and sell their materials through other venues. 


According to PEN America, only one book has been banned in North Carolina. The book Gender Queer and was removed in Alamance-Burlington  Schools. However, it still shows on the online card catalog as available. 

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