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Our books have been read, reviewed, and are available in school media centers and

libraries in North Carolina. They may also be available in classroom libraries or as digital media.

  • We believe parents have a right to know what is in their child's school.

  • We believe many books are inappropriate, sexually explicit, promote ideologies, and should not be available to children for group or independent reading in a public school without parental knowledge and consent. Some books are not develpmentally appropriate in their current locations.

  • Check out the galleries to help you form your opinion.

  • We ask you to TAKE ACTION! Check out the take action page and contact us.


High books stack isolated on white backg

Rated Books provides a method for examining books that have been evaluated using a rubric similar to the movie industry. Parents and guardians will find it helpful when determining if a book is appropriate for their child or children by  not just looking at the score, but reading through excerpts.  Book locations updates are not up to date as of 1/15/2023. Contact to help with the process. 

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