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With NC proficiency standards already so low, will DPI's redesign of grade performance help?

Will the NCDPI redesign equate to putting lipstick on a pig? When will decision makers realize it will take more than the proposed redesign to improve real achievement levels. What is preventing academic achievement? Is it the selected curriculum? Is it the amount of time dedicated to instruction in content areas? Is it disruptive behavior of students preventing learning from taking place? Do teachers have what they need to deliver instruction?

Leaders in the General Assembly AND NCDPI need to go to the source. Poll teachers on why students are performing so poorly.

The photo is a screenshot of the CURRENT Estimated EOG/EOC Cut Scores for Achievement Levels from a Dublin County document.

To help you understand, In grade 3, there were 40 operational items. If a student answered less than 56.82% correctly they would be considered non proficient or in old school terms-score an F. If they answered 56.82% they would be considered proficient or in old school terms-score a C. If they answered 86.36% correctly, they would be proficient and in old school terms, earn an A.

Speak up citizens.



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