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Last chance...SB 90: Children's Laws Omnibus...sign the petition

It appears SB 90 will die if citizens do not fight for it. The bill would give parents more power and information on their child's education. It addresses Health Education/reproductive health, and books with adult content that have made their way onto book shelves within reach of innocent children. One of the most controversial parts of the bill would create a path for parents, through the legal system, to cut the pay of superintendents and the power to fire him/her/them if they are not performing academically or receive multiple parental complaints. This bill, while not perfect, has many policies that would positively affect children's education and parents' ability to parent. This legislative opportunity is too precious to let it just fade away. Also up for reconsideration and override is SB 49. It too, has positive components, but lacks the comprehensive policies that SB 90 contains.

Please sign our petition in favor of SB 90 and email these legislators:,


AND and



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