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     Sexually  Inappropriate Books

Parents and Guardians send their children to school with expectations that they will receive a good education, and have access to appropriate materials and texts. They also expect an environment in which their child's physical and mental health is protected. However, some books that are available in media centers and classroom libraries are in question. Some books may show graphic images or have descriptions of sexual acts. Some content and concepts are not supported by the NC General Statute 115C-81.30. Reproductive Health and Safety Education. This content and subject matter may lead children to question their own sexual identity.

A group of concerned citizens have identified a selection of books to determine if they violate North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 14. Criminal Law § 14-190.1. Obscene literature and exhibitions.Other North Carolina General Statutes regarding Materials Harmful to Minors may also apply to the books. They are posted with excerpts under the Books in Question tab. Book banning is not the focus, but the appropriateness of such books in a public school setting is questionable.

With that in mind, Book PEPs are planned with these goals:

Goal 1: To share information and resources with parents/ citizens regarding  the inappropriate books located in their child’s school library. We want safe schools for all students.

Goal 2: To encourage everyone to advocate for positive change in our children’s schools by contacting principals, school board members and legislators. We want schools to be accountable for the content they provide and make available to students of all ages.

If you would like to participate in a grassroots street campaign,CONTACT US.To view excerpts, look under the BOOKS on the MENU bar.


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