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If you are concerned about protecting

your child's mental and physical well

being and the exposure to

inappropriate sexual content or gender

concepts in your child's school,

you must take action.


1. Parents currently have an option to opt out from human sexuality instruction.  Schools will usually have you opt in or out of instruction when you register your child for school, or they will send home forms throughout the year for special programs, or training events.  You must OPT OUT as of this posting.  Anti-bullying, mental health, family diversity, social emotional learning (SEL) and sex education trainings are pathways of influence with your child. Opt out of everything or pull your child out of school during these instructional times when that material is being presented.

2.Monitor your child's reading assignments. Parents may request alternate materials if you find the text objectionable or in conflict with your religious or moral beliefs. Your child's grades and standing should not be affected.

3. EMAIL the teacher, Principal and School Board Representative with your concerns about the materials your child is expected to read or use. An email provides a written record of your concerns and requests. Phone calls or written notes do not. 

4. EMAIL your Representative and Senator about what you see happening in your child's school and/or district. We have been told that an email is more meaningful, provides a record, and carries more weight than a phone call. 


Understand that book banning is not PEP's goal, however we have become increasingly aware of books and materials with sexually inappropriate texts and gender concepts that are shared with minors in school libraries and in some classrooms. Books that contain extreme violence, self- harm, suicide, and horror are also making there way into school libraries. We believe you have a right as a parent to challenge that book's purchase and placement in the school.

First- Print out and complete the REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION OF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL FORM from your child's school district. It may be found online at the district website. If it isn't, contact the Principal or Media Specialist at the school.

Second- Write a personal letter to the Principal explaining your thinking. Submit your letter, the Request for Reconsideration form, and book artifacts such as photos, chapter, and page references with objectionable material BY EMAIL. 

Lastly- After the Principal's review, most book challenges will go to a committee made up of school personnel, librarian, and parents. Ask who will be on the committee. They should read and review the book just as you did. Check back on their progress weekly.

* If the book is approved to remain on the shelves, ask them to send your book challenge to the next level which is probably the school board. They will form a committee to read and review the book as well.  If they approve it, contact your district Superintendent, State Superintendent, and legislators. Email them with your documents and steps you have taken to change the situation.

Contact us with your personal story, information,a your concerns by signing our petition. Become part of a group that wants academics to be the focus of schools, works to ensure wholesome and safe learning environments, and puts children first.


 NC School board policy 3210  Parental Inspection and Objection to Instructional Materials may be found on your school district's school board policy page.

Contact Your Board of Education Member

Contact Your Superintendent

School District Superintendent
Alamance-Burlington School System
Asheboro City Schools
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Mooresville Graded Schools
New Hanover County Schools
Onslow County School
Orange County Schools
Pender County Schools
Randolph County Schools
Rutherford County Schools
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Wake County Schools
Wilson County Schools,)%20on%20July%201%2C%202016.

Contact  Catherine Truitt, State Superintendent of Public Instruction  984-236-2200 or

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