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We, the undersigned, support responsible and practical oversight of all literature and instructional media presented in public schools.  It has come to our attention that age inappropriate and obscene subject matter has become prevalent in the classrooms and libraries in all levels of the school system. We believe the long term effects may be emotionally, mentally, and physically harmful to children, as evidenced by rising rates of depression and other psychological disorders. The subject matter of said materials include sex acts, child molestation, incest, rape, hook up dating, and often self harm, mutilation, and even suicide. We believe everyone with authority over inappropriate books, inappropriate curriculum and subject matter should be held accountable for not exercising discretion to protect minors in NC schools.  Obscene and pornographic materials in the schools being disseminated by adults, that children learn to trust, is a dangerous grooming tool to normalize such sexual violations of children. We ask that you install a panel of concerned staff, parents, clergy, and citizens from the community to read and review books/materials for use in schools. 

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